Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Well...I'm Tired. I'm Happy!

September 29, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

Hola! Well...I'm tired. I'M HAPPY! :)  But, I'm tired.  I don't know if I'm getting sick or what, but every night this week I came home with my voice almost gone. Basically in the night, I sound like a man. ha,ha!  We also live 45 minutes away from our area so we are walking a ton.  I LOVE coming home every night exhausted because that means we are really working hard. (Also, the members are wonderful so they ALWAYS feed us...so we eat a lot. Sooo the walking helps!  :)

This week was, of course, different.  Always with a new companion, it takes some time to adjust.  My new companion, Hermana Nuñez, is from Peru.  She's super nice, understanding, and smart. The two of us are similar in many ways, but for the most part we are very different.  It was funny. We were asking each other questions -- getting to know one another -- and we came to realize that the answers she said were almost opposite from mine. I'll be honest; sometimes it's kind of hard.  BUT, I think we work really well together.  We balance each other out. ha,ha 

Yesterday, we were supposed to have a baptism -- My first.  Working hard this week our investigator finally said YES! I was so so excited, but a lot of things happened where it became difficult.  My companion and I were worried. We fasted and prayed that things would work out.  In the end, she decided not to be baptized yesterday. Everything was happening all at once for her, and it all was very stressful. It was stressful for Hermana Nuñez and I, but after she came to the conclusion, we were honestly at peace. We were happy.  We knew that it would all be okay and that yesterday just wasn’t the time.  She knows that this gospel and the Church are true! She wants to be baptized :) so we are planning for this week! ahhh!! 

On Friday, we were visiting a family in the branch.  We got to meet their daughter who is very less active.  We all had fun and enjoyed ourselves.  The next day, the family told me that their daughter felt like she got along really well with me. She said that I had a light and spirit about me. That she was impressed. She looked at me and felt like there was something more.  Because of that she wanted to come to the conference.  (We had a conference this weekend as a district with our president) AND she came! When I heard that she had said that about me, it made me so happy -- I wanted to cry!  She also brought her friend, and now we are teaching her, too!! 

This week was full of all kinds of emotions, but this experience reminded me of that time we sang the "We can be a light" (Hope of America) song for the Young Women's program. When we acted it all out with flashlights! ha, ha so cheesy...but seriously, it really reminds me of how we can truly be a light to others. This experience made me so happy and I know it's true.  I know that each of you can be a light to others, because you have the light of Christ.  You have the knowledge of the gospel. The gospel is THE light, and the truth.  Honestly, I have been kind of discouraged.  I haven't had a baptism, and because of that, it can be hard, hard to feel like I am making a difference.  But now I know that hey -- I'm doing my best. And I am helping others because I'm sharing this light each day.  Woot woot! I really love being here.  I'm learning so much. :)  I love each of you! Thank you for all you do for me! 


Hermana Pukahi