Monday, September 1, 2014

An Emergency Transfer...I'm Now in Neocochea

September 1, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

Hola! It's September!? wwuutt? I cannot believe it! A BIG hug and kiss to Joshua and Carlton for there birthdays tomorrow!! FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!! :) emergency transfer happened and I'm now in a place called Necochea. I had to say goodbye to Balcarce :´(  My new companion, Hermana Valenzuela hadn't had a companion for these 3 weeks of the transfer -- so she was super happy that I arrived. Haha But oh boy -- it was hard to find out that I had to leave what felt like home.  We got the call Thursday night.  I packed through out the night and then Hermana Nelson & I had our last day to work together on Friday.  I had only 3 weeks with Hermana Nelson, BUT we were so close.  We had alot of fun...and sometimes I swear she could read my mind sometimes. Haha 

I said goodbye to as many of my investigators I could.  Hermana Dianne Iannone (one of the members), and the other Hermanas threw me a little farewell party.  Where we ate our sadness away...Haha but don't worry, cuz we then literally ran to our ward activity.  It was a big fiesta for the welcoming of a member back from his mission.  All four of us Hermanas sang the "How Can I Be" song for him.  It turned out real cool cuz we sang it in both Spanish and English...if that makes sense. Haha 

Weelll it was like the sound of music.  We sang the song, I rushed around saying goodbye to everyone, then we booked it on over to the terminal.  The next morning I had to say good-bye to Hermana Nelson and Hermana Tovar.  Oh boy oh boy I hated saying goodbye! Balcarce was truly my home, butt I know that there is a reason I am here in Necochea.  For some reason I'm having all of these different companions, and this new area.  I know it's helping me grow alot. 

Hermana Valenzuela only has 3 weeks left in the mission...(so yep I'll be getting another new companion soon, wowsa.) She only speaks Spanish, including the other Hermanas in the house.  So my Spanish will be top notch, haha.  Just wait, I'll be coming home with an accent! wut wut. Haha She is from Chile and super fun! I know we are gonna work great here and I've loved everything so far. 

I got to see a baptism for the first time here on the mission from the Elders here in our area.  I played with puppies (so you know how happy that made me) and I laughed a ton.  The members here in the branch are very loving.  They welcomed me with open arms and I am so grateful! ALSO, we are right next to the guess what?? We are going to go see the ocean today!! I'm so excited.  The Hermanas told me that there are sea lions! wuuutttt yaaahhh! 

I love you all so so so much!! Much aloha and mahalos for everything you do for me! 

Con Amor,

Hermana Pukahi