Wednesday, August 27, 2014

This Week Was Full Of Adventures

August 25, 2014
Hermana Pukahi, Hermana Nelson,
Hermana Hadley, Hermana Burgos.
All of us with our plaques.
It was a beautiful day and so fun.
Holllaaa!! This week was full of adventures. I took another trip to Bahía Blanca, but this time for my Visa!  At first I was kind of mad because we had a lot of appointments set and its a crazy long trip, buutt it was a lot of fun.  Hermana Nelson and I went together, but I took care of all the papers and stuff with a bunch of other missionaries, as she went and worked there in Bahía.  As all of us were all waiting in the visa office place-- talking about are lives, some sleeping, and then I realized...I brought my cards! I took out those bible cards that Jerm and Kristen gave to me and we all started playing Gold Fish and Old Maid. It was a lot of fun! Especially since we were all super tired, and competitive.  The ladies at that worked in the office LOVED the cards and they were like, wow where can I buy some for us? So I guess these cards are a craze down here haha.  

Well finally that got all taken care of and after a super long trip back home on the collectivo with some crazy Elders, we made it back safely...and very tired.  BUT the highlight of the week was this last pday!! It was a beautiful day and we went to this park/hill with one of my favorite Hermanas from the ward.  
At the park sign.
It was a lot of fun because everyone was outside and enjoying almost a Summer’s day in the middle of winter.  We had a little picnic and -- of course-- took tons of pictures. We got to do a little exploring in the hill and (I will show you a picture next week but I became mulan and sat on a pole!!)

Oh and I almost forgot, we had a big Zone Conference in Mar del Plata where Presidente, his wife, and the assistants came and talked to us.  Everything I learned was just what I needed to hear.  I know he is truly a man called of God.  

Hermana Nelson is awesome! 
I'm so grateful for her.  
She is an example to me in everyway   
AND she laughs at my jokes. haha 
I forgot my journal, so I can't remember a whole lot of what he said, but my favorite part was when we talked about our purpose here as a missionary.  It helped me to truly realize my purpose here, why I am here on a mission.  It made me think of you guys, my family.  Always remember your purpose here on the earth.  You are sons and daughters of God.  Remember you are here to learn and grow. Don't Forget. :)

I love you all so much!! Please tell me what's been going on with everyone! 

Hermana Pukahi

P.S.  I'm 3 now!!! It's already been 3 months!