Monday, August 18, 2014

My First Transfer Flew By

August 11, 2014


I can't believe it! My first transfer flew by!! Ahhh craazzyy! Well, my mom left me..... Hermana Tovar got transferred :( to be the sister missionary training leader....buuttt she's still in my Zone! So I get to see her every week.... BUT we are not compañeras :( So I'm super sad about that. Ohhh está, todo bien! Because my new mom came today. Her name is Hermana Nelson from Connecticut and she's super awesome. Though this also means I have to put my big girl skirt on now and show my new mom around basically...we are gonna get lost. But hey hey it's okay! That means we are gonna use the spirit as our guide :)  

Well this week Tony...GRRREAAT!  Haha so I bought an ukulele! It's been fun playing it and Hermana Tovar and I made up some great songs. (Once I figure out how to send videos, I'll send you them!) Well, we had a little Kumbayah saying goodbye to some of the missionaries finishing the mission in our zone.  My companion and I decided to sing Aloha Oe' for those missionaries, but we changed the second verse to Spanish.  It sounded really cool.  We practiced a little bit and got all ready... then we had to perform.  We got up in front, and EVERY SINGLE missionary got their camera out to record.  At first I was like, woowww we are like super stars right now...uhh but then we got super nervous.  Oh booyyy it was a disaster!! Hhaha I know after we finished, for sure everyone erased that recording… Haha.

Yesterday we had 7 of our investigators in the capilla!! Oh my there are great things here in Balcarce!  The members here are awesome and I'm really feeling at home here.  It's so good to hear from all of you!! I love you! I feel so grateful for all the support :).  I hope you all have a wonderful week!! 

Hermana Pukahi