Friday, June 20, 2014

These Weeks Keep Going Faster and Faster!

June 14, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

Wowsa!! These weeks keep going faster and faster! 16 mas dias hasta salimos a Argentina!!! Is that crazy? Yes! Am I freaking out? Yes! But it's chill.  

Well we got to hear from another Apostle on Tuesday night devotional!! wut wut! Elder Quinton L. Cook.  He talked to us about missionary work!...of course haha... He said, We are not here to "sell" the book of Mormon.  We are here to build wards and branches.  He is a wise man of God cuz that was something I learned through out the rest of the week.  Especially now, I realize I may have been more of convincing others that this gospel is true, rather than fulfilling my purpose as a missionary and inviting them.  I can tell others all I want of what I know but they aren't going to learn and know anything for themselves unless they find out for themselves.  I learned that the hard way teaching an atheist, TRC investigator "Olga", this past week.  Lessons with her are hard but I learn so much each lesson and I'm actually excited to teach her on Monday...:)

I noticed something else in myself that's kinda sorta weird.  I think.  I have always been chill, easy going but here I've sort become stubborn.  Not the bad stubborn like "my way or the highway", but the good kind like "I’m not going to give up on you."  I think that is the Spirit helping me to be more confident in myself, to speak up and share MY opinion.

Annyy whooo, the other district in our zone is leaving on Monday, tear drops on my ukulele.  We all are super sad to say good bye to those Hermanas, BUT we do get two new districts in our zone on Wednesday.  SOO many new missionaries are coming! Yes! So it's a really sad and happy, sad and glad, hot and cold, yes and no, in and out, up and down......okkaayy, too far, never to far. #YOLO (hahahahah that was for you Jermy jerm)  

I love you Family!! I'm doing great. Everyone in my district was surely put together for a reason.  I have learned so much from each of them individually. I'm so grateful that I can say that and to have so many examples in my life. We are all truly called of God.   

Oh and Thanks for the package!!  I loved every single thing that was in it. ESPECIALLY the pictures of puppies and kittens!!!!!!!! I loved them so much! But the only thing I'm super confused about is the coconut candy.  I mean don't get me wrong cuz, they are DA BOMMB!! But, I've never had them ever so; yeah I was just confused since I got like 8 bags. Hahaha love you!

Talk to you in a week!! 


Hermana Pukahi 

P.S. The Elders in my Zone call me shark bait, like from Nemo.  "Shark Bait, Pukahi!"...yeah...