Sunday, June 22, 2014

NINE Days Left Here At The CCM!!!

June 21, 2014

We had to say goodbye to these Sisters.

Dear Family & Friends,

I have NINE days left here at the CCM!! craazzzyy!  Yesterday we got our travel plans, which made everything feel all of a sudden so real.  We ARE actually going to Argentina baby!! (Speaking of which...Argentina just won sooooo I'll be there during the world cup!! woot woot) Anyways, receiving them made me and my companion super excited...and then super sad.  It hit us all of a sudden. Wait we are actually leaving this place? AND leave each other.  So we definitely acted like girls for those moments of...happy and then sad and then happy again.  haha oh well!  It's crazy how much I've grown to truly love this place.  Which is sort of weird right cuz everyone who gets back from his or her mission NEVER talks about the MTC...but this place rocks!!  We don't have to worry about making food, they give us allowance every week, they GIVE us investigators, everyone is so nice, we can ALWAYS feel the spirit, plus bonuses: we get to see an apostle basically every week! What is there not to love?  

With the new Hermanas in our Zone.
This week we got to see Elder M. Russel Ballard.  That was cool! He came in with his cute, little wife and talked to us about.... wait for it...missionary work!! Haha, My favorite part was where he said, "stay anchored to the doctrine of Christ." and "The Savior has the words of Eternal Life."    Especially as a missionary, we need to stay anchored to the foundation--the simple and clear message.  Faith in Jesus Christ is our very first step.  It is our Foundation. Repentance, Baptism, Holy Ghost--all the doctrine of Christ.  It's like those videos on the plane, (the information one's where we basically have them memorized hahaha).  We need to put our own breathing mask on, BEFORE helping others. We have to be anchored to that foundation, that doctrine before we can truly help others. 

Fun in the rain.
We also got to hear from Sherri Dew, which was pretty cool last Sunday! That was wonderful as well!! She talked about Grace --> the power of God.  She is an awesome Lady. The rest of this week was fun too! We are finished teaching Olga and we got her to read The Book of Mormon!! That was a huge step so yes. I had a great week! I learned a lot and we got our new missionaries in our zone!! 14 newbie’s :).  They are a lot of fun and hopefully I'll get to know them before I leave...ahhhhh so soon! 

Sister Tu'aukalau's last Saturday with me.
She's leaving for Lubbick, TX next week.
Okay sooo I leave on June 30th!! We head for the airport at 6:00 that morning to catch our flight to Atlanta at 11:00.  Then, at 9:10 P.M. Monday night we leave to Buenos Aires, an 11-hour flight!!! Good thing its over night and I'm good at sleeping on planes. Thanks dad!! I've got lots of experience, hahah.  Well I love youuuu!!!


Hermana Pukahi

Sister Wooley and I are twins. 
I asked my brother, Jeremy, to take Sister Wooley's sister,
Kristen, out on a date (they know each other.)  And put
together a care package for me and Sister Wooley.
The gave us matching dolls - we loved them!
We are for sure going to put badges on them.  An our
District loved the rest of the goodies they put in, too!
Sister Julia Morris & Sister Jessica Pukahi
Our District at Church