Saturday, May 31, 2014

It's Week 2 At The CCM...MTC (in Spanish)

May 30, 2014

Hello FAMILY!!! 

It's week two at the CCM...MTC (in Spanish).  Sorry about that last email. I was stressed out on trying to write everything I wanted ha ha.  So P-day is every Saturday.  It’s the best day!!! We get to wake up early and go to the temple. Oh It's wonderful :). 

The Sister Missionaries In My District except for 
Hermana Yates (in the purple dress), who is our 
Zone Training Leader.  She is Awesome!
I'm going to have to send pics in a different email cuz I have the bad computer so I can't send pics...if that makes sense.  Anyways, this week was sooo much better than last week! We are finally situated and kinda sorta know what we are doing. My companion Hermana Morris and I are working super well together. I really love her and I'm so glad I have an awesome companion! She's honestly so fun!  woot woot.  

Sister Pukahi & MTC Companion Sister Morris
So we teach lessons to these "investigators"...they really are teachers here, but one of them we didn't know he was a teacher...well he ends up being OUR teacher!! He surprised us and we are like, wait? You're a member!! And then he speaks English and all that stuff and yeah it’s kinda funny.  I guess…ha ha. 

I really love my zone and we have so much fun together. It's totally a bunch of random people from so many different backgrounds, but without just one of them our zone wouldn't be complete.  

Lunch at MTC with my District
Left- Hermana Morris, (from Bakersfield, CA)

Hermana Wooley, (know from Orem High School),
Hermana Romeril, (from Hemet, CA)

Elder Royster, (from West Virginia),
Elder Anderson, (from Florida),
Right- Hermana Pukahi, (me),

Hermana Tu'aukalau, (originally from New Zealand,
most recently from San Jose, CA),
Elder Evans, (from California), 

and Elder Giliam, (from Anchorage, AK)

"I love them all of them.  They are all my little ohana."
I'm learning so much Spanish everyday.  It's wonderful, but I know I DEFINITELY still have a lot to go.  Oh the CCM is wonderful! I love being at the west campus.  Just outside our classrooms is this little river and sort of meadow thing. Well anytime we want we can just go outside and study. Oh it’s awesome. It reminds me of the sacred grove...uh kind of...but for real! You can feel the spirit so strong all the time.  Sometimes I feel like I'm just about to burst into tears because of all the strong people around me striving to be better.  It's an awesome feeling to be a missionary.  Seriously though sometimes I forget.  I walk past the mirror and look at my tag and I'm like…oh yeah!!! Then I get so happy :)  

We're going to be starting to teach another Sister, who is actually our teacher right now.  Her name is Hermana Valdez.  She is the sweetest!!! She will literally do anything for us. She helps us learn and she can instantly bring the spirit every time she talks.  She is truly an example to me.  I haven't gotten a picture with her yet but I promise I'll send one of her and me next email :)  Oh and the new teacher we just got, (who we taught) is Hermano Mace.  He lives in Orem. JEREMY you know his little brother Mckay I think? Idk that's what he said.  But he's super funny and a great teacher.

I feel like I can be myself here. It's awesome.  My companion Hermana Morris and I are roommates with 3 other girls.  They are in a trio...sorry I forgot what I told you last time so I might have already said that.  Anyways they are all so funny!! 

Lunch Another Day With Roommates
The last picture I sent was with Hermana Tu'aukalau....I think that's how you spell it.  Yep, yep!   The only thing I don't like about this place. The ONLY thing is the food. I mean I'm not a picky eater and I eat food!! I LOVE FOOOD!! But I mean, I miss some other food.... that’s all I gotta say about it! But all the workers here are super duper nice and so friendly and cute. What great people I am surrounded with. I am truly blessed.

Oh I do have to say the best time of the day is gym time!!!! So fun!! Volleyball can get pretty intense.  My companion played volleyball so it gets pretty competitive. OHHH yeahhh...uhhh anyways, I love you all so much!!! Thanks for being wonderful examples to me! I love you family :) You are the bestest family ever! the history of our islands...just for you dad ha ha.

Jeremy and Jamison:  Did you guys get my letters?  I'd love to hear from you :) go ahead and write me back please!! Jeremy, be nice to Jamison.  Jamison LISTEN to Jeremy.  He loves you and knows what's best for you.  I want you guys to read Jeremiah 31:3.  It's about how God loves us. Always remember you have a Heavenly Father who loves you and is always there for you.  Do the best you can every day okay?  Jerm good luck this week!!! Just be you and you'll do great! Don't stress too much okay :) The lord will help you with anything, so make sure to say a prayer before try outs each day.  Remember you both have the priesthood.  Respect that power and be grateful for it.  I love you guys so, so much!!!!


Hermana Pukahi

In Class with Companion Sister Morris
MTC Spanish Class
Sister Morris, Sister Pukahi,
Sister Bowen, MTC Branch President Bowen

"My Branch President and his wife are so AWESOME?
All the wives in our Branch Presidency are seriously
like our moms.  They are caring and loving."