Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hermana (Sister) Pukahi 1st Letter

May 26, 2014


Mi familia!!!!!!!!  hola hola hola! I love you all so so much. I’m having a wonderful time here at the MTC.  I’m in west campus.  Called it. wut wut. Today is my Pday so you will expect an email from me every Saturday and it's great! My companera (companion) is Hermana (Sister) Morris from Bakersfield California! She's way nice and way fun.  So for the past three days I have been sick. Coughing and everything but I have been blessed with a wonderful companion who is helping me get better.  She brought some essential oils so that has helped allot but I need more cold medicine. I had to borrow some Nyquil so please send me some!!! and Dayquil!! or like other things, like cough medicine and lozenges....idk (I don’t know) how to spell.  Anyways MOST IMPORTANT: PLEASE SEND ME MY TEMPLE RECOMMEND!!!! Mom or Dad can just drop it probably off at the Wyview chapel or just send it because we check mail everyday.  I think you can just drop it off at the chapel cuz I can just go and pick it up.  Also, use Dear Elder.  Have everyone use Dear Elder.  It's basically like sending an email but they print them off for us and we can get them twice a day its great so do that!!! That way it won’t take so much time of me emailing you and that kind of stuff.  Also that way I can hear from you guy’s everyday!! Also please send me pictures. JEREMY.  I know you will take pics...not selfies....of everyone so send them to me like everyday please :) :)  

Anyways on the very first day on Wednesday we got to meet my zone. BTW my hermana (sister) and I are in intermediate!!!! Yep the only ones.  So we are technically a district by ourselves.  I love it. It's basically one-on-one time with the teacher and so we can learn Spanish super fast.  I think we are doing super good.  Anyways we meet all together at Rain Tree apartments for our classes with our zone. My companion and I just meet in a separate room for our class. The very first day we learned how to say a prayer and then the following day we learned to bear our testimony!! So I'm getting there! The other girls in our zone are our roommates.  They are awesome!!! they are a trio. One of the Hermanas (Sisters) is Katelyn Wooley from OHS.  So we are having allot of fun. Plus its great cuz we kind of know each other :)  Another one of the hermanas (sisters) is from New Zealand.  So you KNOWWWW I love that!!! hahaha I just love hearing her talk.  I make her say water. It’s great.  Haha she's Tongan so we like to talk about our families allot.  WE laugh allot.  I’m having a blast!! 
Sister Tu'akalau (from New Zealand) & Sister Pukahi
Yesterday mi y mi companera (me and my companion) taught two investigators. They are just teachers who pretend to be investigators.  But sometimes they are actual investigators so we always have to act like they are real! It’s way fun! But super hard. It’s hard because my Spanish is coming along and I’m getting everything.  But don't know any gospel terms. The first guy we talked to was super hard. Like....we had a plan and then completely talked about things that were not in that plan...wut? I don’t know what happened but it still worked out. The second guy it was way good! It was super hard, like harder than the first. But you could totally feel the spirit and the spirit truly guided us on what to say. It is awesome.  But we are still adjusting to everything. We are definitely new.  Like on Thursday we totally got lost and took the wrong bus to go somewhere.  We had a very good laugh out of it.  We ended up having to go to the main MTC and ask them if they could drive us back.  Haha so that was fun.  

Ahhh, I love it here.  I’m living back in Wyview so that’s weird.  But I like it! It’s so easy to feel the spirit here.  I’m always smiling.  Even these past few days when I was super sick and just wanted to sleep.  I was still happy.  I’m just thankful for these free water bottles they gave us cuz that's surely been helping my throat.  

So today we went to the temple and since I forgot my temple recommend we had to have the branch president talk to the people inside.  It worked out so I was able to go. But when we got inside me and my companera (companion) were late for the session so all the other missionaries went to the session and we just did initiatories, again don't know how to spell.  It was way way way good!!! Then we just met the others in the celestial room so everything worked out wonderful :)

So I found out what’s inside those big marsh mellow things in the MTC were...they are big gyms where we play volleyball and basketball.  It’s my favorite part of the gym.  Totally clears my head.  The days are super long here I feel.  I guess that’s life as a missionary.  But at the end of the day I'm like.. What the? Where did the time go?  

Oh so my temple recommend is in my old wallet, the black one..in one of the pockets where the cards are. Sorry you are going to have to look for it.  I hope everyone’s okay?  How are you all doing? What’s new? I wanna know!!!! I love you all so so much and I'm so happy to be here.  I'm so grateful all my family has done for me! I'm truly blessed with a wonderful family who loves me and supports me.  I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!!!

Yo se que la iglesia es verdadera
yo se que el libro de mormon es la palabra de dios
Estoy muy agredecida para mi familia y yo se que mi family es eternidad
Tengo amor para mi padre y celestial y yo se que el es mi padre celestial
En el nombre de jesu cristo amen.

(Google Translation)

I know the church is true.  I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God.  I am very appreciative for my family and I know my family is forever.  I love my Heavenly Father and I know he is my Heavenly Father.  In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Sister Pukahi