Thursday, October 30, 2014

I’ve Decided. I Need to Come Home. 

October 20, 2014

Hi mom. okay sorry but i dont have much time to write but this is what ive decided.  after i talked to you guys and heard especially what you mom told me about what was going on..i knew what i needed to do.  so i prayed and ive decided that i need to come home.  i talked with the president about my decision and he respects it.  hes going to help me as much as possible. He said hes going to try talking with the mission department sometime today and we will see from there.  right now i feel at peace with my decision. im happy and i know all is going to be well...but now that i know that i need to come a little anxious to see all of you.  i just really hope that everything will work our fast and i can come home as soon as possible cuz thats what i want.  i dont know if you should tell stake president that this is what ive decided. but i think the mission department will be talking with him about all this.  

Please pray that everything will work out and that i can come home. I know its all of course in the lords timing when i come and what will happen....just im a little anxious..but this is what is happening.  thank you for the email. i really appreciate it. i loved talking to you all in skype it was so fun to see you all.  Im really trying my hardest to focus now and really do my best.  i dont know how fast this process will go but we will see.  but this is what ive decided and i hope you guys understand.  I really appreciate all your help but i know this is what i need to do :)  

I love you guys soo soo soo much.  please tell josh to pray for me cuz i really need his prayers.  I will talk to you later when i can.  i dont know when that will be but LOVE YOUUUU!!!!

Hermana Pukahi